Welcome to nacelle’s documentation!

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nacelle is a lightweight Python web framework, built on top of webapp2, designed for use on Google Appengine.

nacelle aims to provide a small but solid set of tools that enable developers to quickly get a new app up and running, whilst not sacrificing any of the flexibility and power of webapp2 in the process. Nacelle is suitable for building everything from tiny prototypes to large complex applications, it should never get in your way.


If you need portability from appengine then nacelle probably isn’t for you, use Django, Flask or one of the many other awesome Python web frameworks that exist, you’ll thank me later.

nacelle is Free Software, released under the MIT license.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

nacelle wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of others and the fantastic libraries upon which it builds. If you have a problem with nacelle, and you can’t find the answer in these docs, you should try the documentation of nacelle’s components by following the links below.

  • webapp2:

    A lightweight Python web framework compatible with Google Appengine’s webapp. webapp2 is the main foundation for most of nacelle’s WSGI/web functionality.

  • Jinja2:

    A modern and designer friendly templating language for Python, modelled after Django’s templates. nacelle includes a preconfigured Jinja2 environment ready for you to use.

This documentation won’t try to cover absolutely everything, instead it aims to cover only those bits of nacelle that differ significantly from webapp2, pointing back to the original webapp2 docs where appropriate.